Gay Bars in Chicago

There are many reasons to visit the many gay bars in Chicago. Whether you’re interested in a night out with friends or a night out with a big crowd, the city’s gay bars offer the ultimate in entertainment and a diverse selection of drinks. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing night out or a wild one with drag queens, these bars are sure to make you feel welcome. The following are just a few of the many reasons to check out Chicago’s gay bars.

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Northalsted, the Stonewall movement in Chicago came to life around the riots in 1969. While the movement borrowed from civil-rights and anti-war activism, much of the activity focused on gay bars and nightlife. For a fun and exciting night out, there are numerous gay bars in Chicago to choose from.

Berlin is Chicago’s cutting edge late night dance club, featuring an eclectic mix of alternative electronic music and themed events. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for a fun and exciting night out. The infamous drag ball at Waldman’s in Michigan Avenue was a Chicago institution, and the second-floor space above the restaurant is a great spot for a drag ball. The bar’s sexy atmosphere and DJs have made it a hotspot for gays and lesbians in the city.

SideTrack is another Chicago gay bar, which is known for its excellent drinks. The venue is famous for its free drag shows and countless drink deals. In addition, it has several floors and can accommodate over a thousand party animals. A typical day in the club is a night out filled with raucous activities in the neighborhood. The Ravenswood Gay Bar is a local staple in the area and offers an awesome atmosphere for a low-key evening.

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